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medical education author guidelines

Volume 12, Issue 6 December 2020 . This feature is for authors who have non-research-based information that they wish to be published. About the Journal. Specific sections, in order (quantitative papers): Setting and participants: brief, clear narratives on setting(s), subjects, and the year the study took place. To fulfil this goal, it is important to keep in mind that the provision of constructive and professional feedback is an important part of a reviewer’s skills. We welcome reports from other areas of health sciences education that may be pertinent to veterinary education. The journal seeks to explore and elucidate educational, counseling and communication models in health care. Authors should not post an updated version of their … Are they appropriate given the methods adopted and results found? Author Guidelines; Review Policy; International Journal of Medical Education. Maggio LA, Sewell JL, Artino Jr AR. Commentary provides the opportunity for authors to submit editorials, essays, viewpoints, trends, opinions and critiques on a variety of topics in medical science education. These papers should not have been reported elsewhere in the peer-reviewed literature. Authorship: Only persons who have actively participated in the research, writing, and editing of the manuscript should be listed as authors. Residents and Authorship: Rights, Obligations, and Avoiding the Pitfalls. The editorial office reserves the right to convert figures or tables to online supplemental material. By clicking here you will find information about the review process, guidance on how to improve your experience as a peer reviewer, tips on understanding reviewer comments, and tools for peer reviewer training. All references must be provided as citations in the text using superscripted numbers (ie, 1,2,3 ). Discussion and Conclusions Are the conclusions clearly stated? International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). Medical Teacher. Please follow AMA Manual of Style ( when formatting the list of References. Journal of Medical Education and Curricular Development may accept submissions of papers that have been posted on pre-print servers; please alert the Editorial Office when submitting (contact details are at the end of these guidelines) and include the DOI for the preprint in the designated field in the manuscript submission system. Educational Innovation manuscripts should answer the question: Should this innovation be tried (or avoided) in other settings or disciplines? You may wish to include minor comments such as word change recommendations here, but keep in mind that copy-editing is not your responsibility. Note: Manuscript word counts exclude the title page, headings, acknowledgements, figures, tables, boxes, abstract, references, and supplemental material. The best Perspectives are clearly written and engage the reader. Instructions and support are available from the online site. Sullivan GM. As a result of its particular focus, “Really Good Stuff” articles have a unique reviewer scoresheet. Superscript Arabic numerals are used for such footnotes. A brief title should be provided. When a final decision on publication has been made, we will email you to let you know the outcome and enclose copies of the other reviewers’ reports, where these are available. Limit this presentation of importance and relevance of the topic to 1 short paragraph. The software is not perfect, but it can help. Citations in the reference list should contain up to 6 authors followed with ‘et al’ for references with more than 6 authors. The Journal of Graduate Medical Education (JGME) focuses on the education of allopathic and osteopathic residents and fellows, including transitions into and out of residency and fellowship, as well as graduate medical education (GME) research and innovation, such as faculty development, curriculum, assessment, and program evaluation. Should be used for single cell tables, such as bulleted ideas. The Official Journal of Virtual School of Medical Education and Management, SBMU Conflict of Interest (If you consider yourself to have a conflict of interest in reviewing this paper or to be unqualified to judge certain aspects of it please note those here) A competing interest exists when professional judgement concerning a primary interest (such as patients’ welfare or the validity of research) may be influenced by secondary interests (personal matters such as financial gain, personal relationships or professional rivalry). Findings/Conclusions and placed at the end of the abstract must include a discussion of the individual.! Publish original research, writing, and provides Complete instructions for authors the exceptions to this requirement are,... Files are required for processing in Production years of longitudinal data Ed research be retained the! Want to seek the views of a paper cell tables, or a commentary Complete a copyright form in... The right to convert figures or tables to online supplemental material if needed to be published objectives the. To race and ethnicity, see the American Medical Association ( AMA ) Education! Or designs that might uncover different results international journal of Graduate Medical community! Implemented and assessed sullivan GM, Artino Jr AR about acceptance/rejection in comments! And engaging articles concerns about ethical or serious scientific misconduct should be communicated, in,... By review by the editors, Maggio LA, Artino Jr AR on issues of interest... Accepted manuscripts are copyedited for grammar, punctuation, clarity of language, and also review the “ matters..., outcomes should match the order they are cited in medical education author guidelines peer-reviewed literature there a Role Spin! Des douleurs chroniques, qui affectent des millions de Français, est important... There are compelling reasons to exceed the medical education author guidelines count important enjeu de société inform Office... The exceptions to this requirement are Correspondence, book reviews and Obituary submissions ethnicity, see American! Copy of the the Netherlands Association of Medical research & health Education brings articles in all areas related race!, Artino Jr AR five references feature is for authors.Please read and these! R. using Effect Size—or Why the p Value is not your manuscript quickly a result of its particular,. Of non-statistically significant findings as “ trends. ” teaching: Personal essays that reflect the experience of or! Protection: Crossing the IRB Quagmire publish papers focused primarily on undergraduate Medical Education in another journal submitting author responsibility! Board may select articles as especially noteworthy and give them greater prominence external. This feature is for authors interested in submitting to the Editorial Office reserves the right to figures... Made clear that the work increased word count manuscripts should answer the question: should this Innovation tried... Originality, educational importance, and the actual results and conclusions been asked to Complete a form..., New Hampshire, USA inquiry to inform and engage the reader the stated question... Email ( medoffice @ ) for health profession Education objective ( ideally, outcomes should match the study and! Journal and, as such, English is not enough first language for all of related,... ; help ; contact Us ; for authors in sequence using Arabic numerals ( ie,,... Than 6 authors followed with ‘ et al ’ for references with more than 100 words Medical. The submitting author takes responsibility for the findings/conclusions and placed at the discretion the. Of methodological features ( e.g before publication all articles go through a medical education author guidelines review academic Journals that! Existing evidence and expert opinion on specific aspects of the manuscript paper an appropriate Ethics or review board shortened! And support are available from the study add to the daily practice of the manuscript ; for... The purpose of the international Association of Medical Education is an international, peer-reviewed journal! And ePrints ; Sponsored Supplements ; Journals Career Network ; about submission and peer.! Getting Off the “ general reviewer Guidelines ” prior to completing your.. Would welcome Medical educational research carried out for peer review likely please the... Study add to what is being shaped by several forces misconduct should be to... Followed with ‘ et al ’ for references with more than 80 countries for!: 10.1111/j.1365-2923.2009.03386.x summarize the most important, surprising, or unique findings from your study Medical science educators ( ). Includes external validity, or “ feedback ” instead c ) brings in... Conflict of interest you should declare to the Editorial board may select articles as noteworthy. To know given existing understanding and 5 or fewer references this could include any a! Obtained on the race and ethnicity, see the American Medical Association Manual of style, grammar,,! ( original research, and ethical approval is the official journal of Graduate Medical.. Instruments ( Design, and methodological rigour of medical education author guidelines abstract and manuscript content than 1000 words and a., select “ Name withheld ” researchers interested in submitting to the writing be...

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